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With Get Paid Formula you can earn the money you desire and achieve the wealth you want in your life. You create your own dreamlife with Get Paid Formula. You can actually achieve the life of your dreams, where you are in control of your Business and life.

For Coaches

Get Paid Formula Features Peder Andersen

Author of Get Paid Formula

Peder Andersen has the heartfelt inspiration to help You find the hidden power of abundance that is already given to you. He shows you the step by step methods to create a new and wealthy reality for yourself and your life by owning and growing your own business.

Peder Andersen is CEO of as well as several other companies, all centered around, and participating in a great network of online web properties. A network that targets some incredible skills about getting websites positioned in the right places on the internet as a virtual online empire.

Peder's online journey into incredible entrepreneurship became a natural choice when it became clear that this path was the obvious, as the entrepreneur within were extremely eager to break out. After deciding the path of entrepreneurship Peder started online in 2004 with his own business, first part time and later it became a fulltime adventure.

Peder started out in the network marketing industri as it was the obvious choice to start the empire by participating in a worldwide company network. Right after that Peder started a small affiliate marketing business mentored by Stone Evans. This business has since grown up to several affiliate adventures.
Peder also had the creative angle as creator of an online course "Your Millionaire Mind" launched in fall 2004, and changing lives with immediate results. This course has recently sold out.
In 2005 - 2007 it was a web business in the travel industry that went ahead with lightning speed.

Inspired to help others

When business owners started asking Peder for online marketing advice, he got inspired by the chance to help other small business owners to online success. This inspiration created the opportunity to create and sell valuable online systems and information products. From there Peder began sharing complete online marketing and information marketing formulas via products and coaching programs currently to a broader reach of entrepreneurs worldwide.

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